Re-Selling Business can be a great option for new entrepreneurs. But remember one thing, just like other online businesses it requires a lot of patience and commitment. Here, I’m going to teach you reselling true meaning, why should you become a re-seller, how to resell products online and much more.

How Re-Seller Business Works?

In this business you are going to resell products bought from manufacturers to customers.This drop-ship model is more affordable then selling your own products.In this model, you’re working as a bridge which connects manufacturer and customers.Best part of this that you don’t need to create your own store or any items, but you’ll still have an extensive range of products to choose from.Whether you want to resell any item you’ll learn that you can sell anything without keeping any physical inventory.You can expand your re-seller online shop into other niches without any additional costs or shipping costs.

How Re-Selling is Differ from Marketplace?

1Establishment costHuge setup costOnly your time and patienece
2InventoryAdequate amount of goodsNo need to keep physical products
3ScalabilityHigh cost barriers to switch in another nichesEasily sell in every niches
4Marketing CostBranding,Labelling and selling costZero cost marketing

Re-Seller Business Niches

Re-seller Business helps to sell anything virtually. You’ll find a variety of different products. And you can resell whatever products like:-shoes, apparels or even festive gifts. Here you can resell trendy niche products, or a great product, we are sure that you can resell amazing products online.

  • Apparels

    Apparels is a huge niche where it includes women, men and children of all ages. When you are selecting this re-seller clothing business you can experience different apparels niches at a time and it depends on you what better suits you. You can add or remove any styles without any cost to your business and according to trendy fashion. It is important to plan in the clothing business as it depends on seasons and popular festive.

  • Cosmetics

     From a makeup brush to this broad category is a growing area among young girls. As a re-seller business idea, it is a great way to sell cosmetics online because order volume is normally larger than the average. Cosmetic Niche also includes skincare and hair-care products. It means this business caters for men and women of all ages in one store.

  • Conclusion

    First make a worksheet where you have to make a category of hot selling products. You can check top selling products on Amazon as well through by clicking on this link.

Top Re-Selling Apps

These three companies are the leading brands in the industry. Here, you can find multiple niches at one place. You can trust these apps, all are legit apps.

1. Shop101

This app provide bulk of facilities and Improved services. Best feature of this app is that you can make your own E-Commerce store with no cost.

Sell From Shop101 Supply.

 Give your buyers variety they can’t find anywhere!

COD/Online Payment.

80% of online sales transact via Cash On Delivery in India. They offer 50 other payment option to sellers.

Shipping Starts at Rs 40

Don’t worry about expensive shipping charges.Their partnership across 20000+ Pin codes over all India

Easiest way to sell online

Sell on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram with ease

Free Online store

Upload your own products or products from shop101 supply. You can also share your online store with your customers as well.

How to Build an E-Commerce Store in 2 minutes with Shop 101?

After Installing the app, follow these simple step mention as below:

Step 01:- Open the App and Select Category

Open the app, browse the category and search for the trendy categories.

Step 02:- Select the Product you Wish to Add

After selecting the category click on the product which you want to add in your website

Step 03:-Add Your Margin

Now add your margin to your product by clicking on add to my website button.

Step 04:-Now Manage your Products.

Open your dashboard from the left panel and click on manage website products to manage them.

Step 05:-Your Product Dashboard

Manage prices,quantities & variants of your products from this section.

Step 06:-Now You can Also Add your Own Products

Click on the plus button in manage your products section and choose an option from where you want to supply products, for adding your own products first upload image, description and price then save it to my web.

Step 07:-Add Coupon

You can also make coupons for your customers through manage products dashboard. In the new coupon tab, you manage your discount percentage, starting and ending date of your coupon with alteration of coupon’s validity.

Step 08 :-Your Store is Completed Now.


Now you have finished all process get the link from app dashboard and share it with your customer through WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

You can check my store for further reference:-

Now you have learnt how to set up an eCommerce store with no investment. If you still have some issues you can contact us, We are happy to help you.
Download SHOP101 from here. Enter this coupon code HZMMMV in refer section in your app to win an exciting coupon.

2. Meesho App

With this amazing, you can earn through sharing products on WhatsApp. You can find lots of varieties to choose and share some trendy products to your customer.

Join India’s #1 Re-Selling Platform Trusted by 1 Crore+ Re-Sellers who are Earning More than ₹20000 Every Month!

Facebook Joins Forces with Meesho

3 June, 2019:Exciting Day for Meesho! This company is announced that Facebook has made an investment in Meesho, which helps them further to build businesses and grow their customer base via social channels.
Over the last 4 years, they’ve grown to a community of more than 15000 suppliers and 200,000 re-sellers throughout India. They share common goals with Facebook-to help small businesses grow.

Start Meesho with 3 Simple Steps


Search trendy and household products from the best suppliers globally.

Search & Sell

Share it to your friend and family on Whatsapp,Facebook & Instagram.


High profit margins & weekly bonus direct transferred to your bank account.

How to Earn with Meesho?

Earning is easy by following these simple steps.

Step 01:-Download the App

First, download the app from the above button then proceed to step second for further info.

Step 02:-Open the Catalogue you like and share it on WhatsApp.

Open your app and select the catalogue from the menu bar and click on the Share button to share it on WhatsApp. After sharing the catalogue you will start receiving price enquiry.

Step 03:-Place an order for your customer.

Place an order for your customer after selecting payment mode and adding the delivery address of your customer.

Step 04:-Set your Profit Margin

Your margin is what you earned with Meesho. First, calculate your total cost. Your total cost is the sum of product price listed in the app and the shipping charges of the product, After that add your profit margin. You can add whatever margin you want to.
Remember your margin is what you are re-selling with Meesho. Now relax Messho will deliver the product to your customer and collect the  COD payment.
Profit margin will be sent to your bank account within 10 days of order delivery.


Now you have learnt how to earn with no investment. Now start from today onward and make your first dollar with this company. For any assistance feel free to contact us, You can also download this app with the below link.

3. Glow Road

Earn Money from Home

Get products at wholesale prices to sell on WhatsApp & Facebook

6 Million +


Rs 35000/-

      Earnings per month/reseller



How Much Can I Earn?

If you resell 100 products every month,your estimated earning is Rs.20000/-

Download Glow Road App from Google Play Store & Install it in your Smartphone.

How to Earn on Glow Road?

This is again one of the best apps with a wide range of products with a fast delivery system. It also has a unique feature of building up an E-Commerce Store with unique re-selling sharing feature.

Step 01:- Products Research

Find awesome products to sell at Wholesale Price.

Step 02:- Add your Own Margin

Now you can add whatever margin you want in your product through this feature.

Step 03:- Share Products with Customers

Share the Products on Whatsapp and Facebook with your customers.

Step 04:-Customer Ask for Price

Now the customer asks you for the price and finally purchase the product from your store.

Step 05:-Withdrawl Process

We transfer the margin in your bank account after delivering the customer order and collecting COD payment.​


Glow Road is also having the same feature like Shop101, So you can make your own E-Commerce store through this app also and steps are the same as Shop101 for more info you can contact us.

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