How Drop Servicing make $3,000 through Seoclerks?​

How Drop Servicing make $3,000 through Seoclerks?​

What is Drop Servicing?

In Drop Servicing business model you are selling services like:-logo designs,article writing,voice-over,transcripts etc for making some money. But you don’t have to do this services by own rather outsource from other freelancer for lesser money.So, the difference between the two becomes your profit. Seoclerks?

In this tutorial, I will show you how to Make Decent Money From SEOClerks & Fiverr. Now I am going to reveal how most of the youtubers and young entrepreneurs make descent amount of money without doing any work at all.

So, Let’s Get Started…​

What is SEOClerks?​

SEOClerks is a website which is similar to payperhour,guru,freelancer etc but being an affordable website it allows us to buy services from $1 only. You can resell SEOClerks services in Fiverr for $5 or more and earn $4+ without doing any work. (Final Earnings $4 Because Fiverr Takes $1 Commission Fee Per Gig)

Journey to your First 100$ with Seoclerks!!

  1. Create Your Free SEOClerks Account Today – SEOClerks
  2. Create Your Free Fiverr Account At – Fiverr
  3. Create Your Free Account At Payoneer And Get $25 For Free & Receive $3000+ Monthly Directly To Your Bank Account Within 24 Hours – Payoneer (You’ll Need a Payoneer Account To Receive Your Earnings From Fiverr.)

Now, we can learn how we can make money by doing nothing and just by selling other’s services. We can take advantage of this factor that the popularity of SEOClerks isn’t as much as platforms like Fiverr. So, sellers can buy cheap services from SEOClerks, say $1, $2, $5, $100, etc and resell them on Fiverr at $5, $10, $50, $500 respectively.

Let’s Start and find you Basic Backlinks Gig Example in SEOClerks.

Example 1

SEOClerks – Get You 300 High Quality EDU Backlinks For $2

Now, Let’s Check Fiverr for Similar Services.

Fiverr – I Will Do 60 Edu Gov And Powerful Link Building Backlinks

As you can see, For a price of $5, the Fiverr seller is offering 60 EDU backlinks. This means that by selling the SEOClerks services on Fiverr, you can make a net gain of $2. So you don’t have to do any work by making this profit.

Example 2

SEOClerks – TARGETED real human Website TRAFFIC for 6 months for $9

Let’s check Fiverr for similar services.

Fiverr – I Will Provide 100,000 USA Keyword Target,Organic Traffic, Trackable With Google Adsense

As you can see, She also has 33Orders in cue in Fiverr. (At the time of writing this post) She is selling 100,000 Views for $34 on Fiverr. and you can buy the same service in seoclerk in 9$.So you can also earn $25 with reselling this Gig without doing any work.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Take the advantage of this quarantine,don’t waste your time. Start making money from today itself by Sign Up For SEOClerks And Fiverr Account. Just Buy Any Popular Services From SEOClerks And Resale That Service On Fiverr For Higher Price. Best part of this business model is that You Don’t Have To Learn Any Services Because SEOClerks Seller Will Do All The Work For You And You Just Have To Deliver Final Report In Fiverr To Your BuyerNow, How Easy Is That?

Things To Consider

  1. Your Earnings will go Skyrocket after completing of your initial orders. So as soon as your Fiverr Seller Level Increase,you will see more orders in your Fiverr account and many client’s order will be shown in your que.
  2. At your delivery section you should add an extra day for your service on Fiverr.For an example if one of the seller from Seoclerk is offering a 2 days completion time,set your offering time to 3-4 days on Fiverr to remain on the safer side because if you don’t commit to deliver your service on time then it can affect your profile negatively.
  3. Fiverr has certain rules regarding the services you can sell on the platform. Make sure you adhere to them and don’t sell services they don’t permit.

So, Let’s Get Started Today And Start Making $3000+ Per Month with Seoclerks and Fiverr.

If there’s anything you think I’ve missed – talk to me in the comments below!

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How Drop Servicing make $3,000 through Seoclerks?​
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How Drop Servicing make $3,000 through Seoclerks?​
In Drop Servicing business model you are selling services like:-logo designs,article writing,voice-over,transcripts etc for making some money.
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