10 Ways to Earn Online With Surveys in India

10 Ways to Earn Online With Surveys in India

You can make serious money if you do these survey filing work on a daily basis. If making money online is your objective then keep this work on your card and learn how these best survey sites in India will help you in acheiving your dream…

By spending a few hours on laptop or smartphones you can easily make 100$ to 2000$ monthly at home.
Basically, it is the best method to collect information by lots of companies around the globe through survey data.
You will get exciting rewards in the form of Amazon Coupons, Paytm Coupons or PayPal Coupons.

Some of the sites mentioned in this article are available in the US, UK, Canada and the rest of the others are mainly for Asian Countries.
So, Let’s started the highly paid survey site on the internet.

10 Best Survey Sites in India to Take Paid Surveys Online

Let’s Begin

best survey sites in india

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most trusted and a mainstream reward program site. You can gain rewards and money through 4 different ways on Swagbucks and one among them is through reviews.

Swagbucks is owned and worked by Prodege, LLC, a similar organization that runs MyPoints. It has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has been doing business for right around 15 years.

Influencing and answering the survey give you SB(Swagbucks) which can you convert into rewards like:- Coupons, Paypal Money or free gifts.

Get 350 SB(Swagbucks) on completion of surveys depending upon the length and trendy topic.
Every 100 SB will convert into $1 that can be redeemed for gift cards, cash, PayPal Money, etc. New Swagbucks individuals will get a $10 signup reward subsequent to spending at least $25 at one of the site’s highlighted retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, or Walmart.

More SB leads to higher value of gift card that you can redeem. Get a chance to unlock more feature of the web so you can get more coupons like:-Amazon, Starbucks,iTunes, etc.

  • Age Limit: 13+ years old.
  • Avg. Income:$0.50-$ 2 per survey.
  • Country Presence: Most of the Americas, Asia and Europe, and some areas in Africa.
  • Payment Method: PayPal or Gift Cards
  • Minimum Cash Withdrawal: $3 in Gift Card or $25 in PayPal Money.

Now you understand why SwagBuck in on the list of best survey sites in india. So whom you are waiting now…

Join Now: SwagBucks .

2. Paid View Points

PaidViewPoints gather information around the globe and give us the opportunity to take part in paid studies on their survey platform.
The best part of this company is that you will receive $1 at the time of registration. It varies on a country to country in the USA and Canada it is $1 and in Asian countries, it is up to $1.

You will be paid according to the quality of the survey and your interest. When you built up a trust by filling up on a daily basis with quality answers then money distribution for new members will automatically rise.

Payment Options:
  • Payment threshold amount is $15. When you accumulated this amount in your PaidViewPoints account then you are eligible of withdrawal.
  • It takes 72 hours to receive rewards in your account.
  • Rewards includes: PayPal Money, Amazon Vouchers, Walmart Vouchers(U.S.A,etc.)
  • Age: Must be 18 years old or above.
  • Region: All over the world.
Daily Surveys

You have to wait for the new surveys to reflect in your dashboard. But,
If you want to build the trust then try “Trait Surveys” and earn around $0.03 to $0.10 per survey. These surveys won’t increase your earning so much but they built a Trust score for you. Regularity of these trait surveys also depend upon the different regions.

Referral Program

The best survey referral program where you can earn 20% of what your referrals earn by taking “BizSurveys”(except Trait Surveys).

There is no limit of referrals and you can earn up to $25 per referral.
If you have US-based clients then you can earn more through this program.
This company offers a VIP membership for those who must have 100+ Active referrals means referrals more than 30 days spending their time in this website by filing up surveys on daily basis, you will receive immediately 20% of your friend’s income after they complete their qualifying survey without waiting for cash credited in their account. How cool is that?

After reading about Paid View Points you will definitely agree with me why it is placed in the second position on the list of best survey sites in India.

Join Now: Paid View Points


best survey sites in india

TGM PANEL is an online platform where you can convert surveys into money. Billions of users worldwide access their network of mobile apps and websites.

Survey Experience:

Get paid for every survey you complete. There is no point system to figure out so when you have completed enough surveys then ask for rewards. You can easily redeem your earning into cash reward or a gift card if you have already completed enough surveys.

Get paid, even if you get disqualified:

If you spend your time to complete a survey but you fail to qualify it. Then, the company will still compensate in the form of credit points to your account for at least attempting the survey.

Referral Program:

Through its referral program, you can earn up to 20% of the income of your friends or any other referral.

Mobile Oriented Surveys

Now it is easy to fill up surveys through its mobile-friendly feature. Quick and fun surveys making your survey taking on the go easy.
It also includes: mystery shopping, mobile testing apps and online focus groups.

Payment Options:
  • Amazon Vouchers: You can get Amazon Voucher when you reach $10 in survey earnings.
  • G-codes Rewards: Gcode is a code which can be used to request a gift card from multi-brands, you can use this code when you have $10 in your account.is
  • PayPal Money: You can withdraw your money through PayPal when you reach more than or equals to $12.5.

Availability: Worldwide

My Second most favourite best survey sites in india to quick cash


4. YouGov

best survey sites in india

YouGov is the world’s leading research company with 6 million worldwide members.

By signup in YouGov you will get focus opportunities and surveys to earn money. As, a signup reward you will get 100 welcome points after submission of 3 minutes short survey.

Most of the time you will get 300-500 points through surveys. Basically longer the survey will get you more points.

The first survey you fill after signup worth 2000 points and it gives you a kickstart because 1400 points equal to $1 but it varies from country to country like: in USA minimum redemption of an award is 35000 points which is equal to $14.

Important Note:
  • Eligibility: Must be 14+ for USA and 16+ for India and UK
  • Survey Length: Most of the surveys vary between 5-15 minutes long.
  • Rewards Options: Received cash via PayPal Money, Gifts Cards: Amazon Vouchers, Walmart,iTunes even YouGov merchandise is also available as a gift card vary from country to country.
  • Withdrawal Time: Gift card generally takes 2-3 weeks after redemption. It mailed Gift Cards physically.
  • Availability:India,US,UK and Canada(selected countries)
Referral Program:

Here, you get the best opportunity through YouGov that you can earn money by inviting your friends and referrals by using your unique link.
Whenever your referral has completed the signup process and also completed 3 surveys, you will be rewarded 4000 points and he or she will be received 2000 additional points.

YouGov Lottery:

Last but not least there is a chance of winning a lottery for some countries in exchange for your own points. The prize you win in this lottery is unexpected! That’s why I love YouGov….who doesn;t want extra cash and lottery is awesome. #best survey sites in india

Join Now: YouGov

5. ySense (ClixSense)

If you are looking for an opportunity to make money at home then add ySense in your list of online jobs because it hardly takes your 10-20 minutes daily.

To initiate this program you need to signup in ySense by clicking on it. Then, you will get a confirmation mail on your mail account to approve your ySense account.

PayPal is the one of the best and fastest way of receiving money, if you don’t know how to make an account in PayPal then click the link below to join it. This account will work with most of the online brands on the internet.

Learn: How to make step wise step account in PayPal?

There are several ways through which you can earn money. I am going to teach you every method so you can make good amount of money in a few months.

1) Completing Paid Surveys

These are the main income of this program. You will get surveys on a daily basis so you have to complete each and every survey after login to your ySense account to make a good amount of money.

2) Completing Offers

There are lots of offers available on the sites where you have to do some small tasks like: Signup on other websites, Download useful apps or similar types of offers.

3) ySense Tasks

There are lots of tasks available on “Task” link on the top, where you find a number of task provided by company TASK EIGHT, it enables you to work on a small task to earn extra money.

4) Affiliate Program
Best way to earn unlimited by joining it’s affiliate program.

Here you earn 3 different types of income through its referral program.
a)You will get $0.3 instant income on every referral.
b)When your each referral earns $5 then you will get $2 as a bonus.
c) 30% commission of your referral income if they qualify the survey.
Suppose: If you have40 referrals and they earn $50 monthly through surveys offer then you will get $50 X (30%)=$15 X 40
(referral)=$600(INR45000 approx)
You can find your affiliate link in the “Account Details” section.

In depth detail about the best survey sites in india.

Join Now: ySense

6. Toluna Influencers

best survey sites in india

Toluna one of the most searched and the best survey sites in India.UK Digital Marketing and Research Company-owned Toluna Paid Surveys.
Through all the formalities of registration, you can elect to take a survey that matches your interest.

It is more like a social networking platform where you follow people and they follow you back. You can also share your thoughts by creating new topics on their walls.

It takes only 15-20 minutes to complete a survey and the best part of Toluna is that it is very consistent in terms of both paying and providing surveys.

  • Signup: On registration you will get up to 1500 Bonus Points
  • Survey Centre: You can earn up to 23500 points daily.
  • Referral Program: You will get 500points on each referral(only 10 referral allowed in a month)
  • Polling: You can earn also by quick votes and polling.

Country Availability: India, US, UK and the rest of other countries as well.

Join Now: Toluna Influencers

7. Prize Rebel

best survey sites in india

Prize Rebel established in 2007 and it has paid more than $21million to its 10million members.

Registration process is quick to complete where you only need to submit your basic details like your name and email address, you will start getting paid surveys. You will get your first 10 points after filling up your demographic information.

It has the best program based on your points earned in this, where you will get Gold Level Status if you earn 4,500 points with 1% bonus on your total income and 1% discount on your prize. Platinum Level requires 10,000 points that gets you 2% bonus and 2% discount, and Diamond Level requires 16,000 points that gets you a 3% bonus and 3% discount.

Eligibility Criteria:
  • Age Limit: 16-17 years old with parental permission, or 18+ year old.
  • Avg. Income: $0.40-$.60 per survey.
  • Country Presence: India, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia
  • Payment Method: PayPal or Gift Cards
  • Minimum Cash Withdrawal: $5(500 points at least)
Note: You have to spend 10-15 minutes daily to get 40-50 points on average…that makes Prize Rebel the best survey sites in India.

Join Now: Prize Rebel

8. HitPredictor

best survey sites in india

Do you love music? How can we forget music lovers? and Why not get paid for listening to music?

Sounds Good! HitPredictor is owned by iHeart Media Inc. where you get rewards for listening music and share opinions on them, basically these are pre-tested songs priors to big shoutout. Radio stations, records labels and music managers totally depend on your opinions as you have direct power to influence new music prior it’s launched.

Signup in HitPredictor is an easy task you just have to fill your basic information and do a regular signup by filling up all the necessary columns.

Listen to any track of your choice, leave comments and now you are ready to get 3points on each rating. Every 2 minutes you can make 3 points or 90 points in an hour! Get an additional bonus of 15points free, if you rate 15 songs in a week and also you can earn through rating an artist.

Now, everyone is thinking about How much they can earn through this?

So, Rate at least 10 songs and get $5 Amazon E-Voucher for your participation via email within a week of rating the songs.

There are lots of ongoing program or sweepstakes like: Earn $50 Raffles in a week there you can also try your luck because it’s totally free.
Referral Program: Now share your referral link with your friends and family who love to listen to song and get paid through it. So you can also get more rewards!

Eligibility: 13+ years old, accessible only in USA/ALASKA but you can still join it if you are not from USA for listening latest and upcoming songs.

Note: You will not earn too much money because here you get a reward in terms of E-Voucher. So it’s a fun-loving website where you can listen latest song and get some rewards.

“Hit a comment for Hit Predictor ” for being so valuable best survey sites in india.

Join Now: HitPredictor

9. Valued Opinions

best survey sites in india

Second last best survey sites in India…Research Now owned Valued Opinions Survey, it is a leading online filed work. After signup with all details like your name, address and email id you will get a confirmation mail on your email id. After clicking on confirmation, your valued opinions account will be confirmed and you will be invited to participate for lots of surveys through your mail id according to your interest.


You will get $0.40 to $0.80 on every successful survey.
It takes 28 days to be credited in your Valued Opinions Account it means at the end of the month you will get a big sum of amount.
You will get payment in the mode of PayPal Cash, Flipkart and Amazon E-Vouchers.

Join Now: Valued Opinions

10. Survey Junkie:

best survey sites in india

Earn $1 on 100 points by filling up surveys and it takes minimum $10 to withdrawal through PayPal or gift cards.
Signup and complete your details so you can elect to take surveys.

Learn More about Survey Junkie:
  • Age Criteria:13+ years old
  • Avg. Earnings:$0.40-$3 per survey
  • Withdrawal Method: Bank transfer or Gift Cards in USA and PayPal in rest of the countries.
  • Min. Withdrawal: At least $10
  • Availability: USA, Canada and Australia

Join: Survey Junkie


The above companies are the leading companies in the survey and research industry. Most of the Survey Company works in India and you can make real cash. But don’t expect that you can be rich in one night. It takes hard work and patience to achieve high numbers.

Pro Tips:

  • Don’t be demotivated if you don’t get surveys daily. Some companies provide surveys on a daily basis, they inform you via mail as well but other companies may not.
  • Focus more on referral programs, if you are able to teach others then sure you will earn more.
  • Make a PayPal account so you can attach the same account with all companies. So at the end of the month, you can withdraw a big amount from PayPal.

My favorite and also one of the most searched and best survey sites in India. I hope you love the content and info. So share it with your friends.

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10 Ways to Earn Online With Surveys in India
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You can make serious money if you do these survey filing work on a daily basis. If making money online is your objective then keep this work on your card and learn how these best survey sites in India will help you in acheiving your dream...
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