Top 10 Article Writing Jobs 2021

Top 10 Article Writing Jobs 2021

In this blog, you can learn how you can earn money by just writing an article.

Just a few steps ahead and you can earn money from the comfort of your home.

After researching for a long time, We conclude that these 10 sites are legit sites that pay real money.

For further references or guidelines you can check their websites as well.

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Join Top 10 sites that pay for article writing.






6.Make A Living Writing

7.Freelance Writing


9. Fiverr


Let’s Begin

1.Rozbuzz WeMedia

RozBuzz WeMedia is a platform where you share articles and make a good amount of money.
Every day more than 3000 articles and videos are posted daily to entertain users. Along with this, you can earn money by joining it. For this, you have to share a unique article and a video.

Categories include in WeMedia:

Like other online platforms, you can publish your articles in RozBuzz WeMedia but they all should be copyright free articles. Let’s see some of the categories below:

  • Technology
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle
  • Health
  • Business
Languages Include:

You can write articles in Hindi, English, Marathi and Tamil along with different Indian languages. More your article becomes popular more you will earn through it.

Top Feature of WeMedia:
  • Breaking News
  • Amazing Videos
  • Bollywood News
  • News Just For You
  • Intuitive Reading Experience
  • Multi-Language News

How to Join RozBuzz WeMedia?

You can even earn more than 25 to 30 thousand per month depending upon your hard work, patience with unique and quality content. You have to write those articles which are most liked by users and along with this there are lots of competitions take place where you can earn money by participating in them.

When you earn at least 1000 rs in your RozBuzz WeMedia account then you can directly withdrawal your earning in your bank account by adding your Bank Details in it.

What are the competitions of Rozbuzz?

Article Competition: It starts from Monday to till Sunday. You will get the info before the competition. You have to submit the articles according to the terms of the company and after that WeMedia review your articles. The information about the winner of this competition will announce on next Friday.

  • At the time of the competition, you need to post 7 articles at least.
  • Maximum 45 articles are allowed in a week during competition.
  • A writer can publish only 7 articles per day not more than it.
  • The article should be genuine and it should be original.

Video Competition: All terms are exactly same as the Article competition but you need to focus on these things to participate in this competition.

  • The video should be in mp4 format and at least 30MB in size.
  • Don’t use any famous celebrity, YouTube channel or brand icon as your video cover.


I am hoping that I have cleared all the doubts regarding RozBuzz WeMedia. Still, you have some query related to this platform then you comment below.


This site is known for its high-quality articles for 17 years. It has a wide variety of articles which is popular among writers and readers.

Here, the sites provide multiple freelancing opportunities for article writers. The main focus of this site is to make the article in a creative way that can engage the users to a long period of time.

What You Have to Do?

First register yourself, if you are interested to submit articles on LovetoKnow. Fill up your basic details with your expertise and experience in required fields after signing up.
Initially, you have to submit two brief articles (400-800 hundred each) as a sample for further reviewing.

This platform also requires educational qualification of the writer for the prominent topics mentioned in the filling form.

Once you get the approval, you will start receiving freelancing jobs. Most of the time, you will get the list of assignments where you have to choose a suitable job from the given list.

Love To Know gives you the freedom to work as a freelancer as per your convenience. You will be get paid by per article basis and rate varies between $25 to$60 per article.

  • Don’t try to post someone’s article or any misleading or adult articles.
  • Post must have genuine and original contents.
  •  Also, the site has numerous topics so choose the better one.
  • Apply only if you have at least one year experience in article writing.


ListVerse is a platform which is based on the list content site. Here, you have to submit your articles in a list format. This method makes the sites unique from other platforms. ListVerse has a wide range of topics such as sports, news, almost everything. So as a freelancer, it gives you an opportunity to write on any topic in which you are well versed in.

What You Are Going To Do?

The best part of this site that you don’t need to post a sample article for verification purpose, Instead of that you just post an article for instance but it should be grammatically correct with quality English and authoritative.

The article must include at least ten list items with affirmations (at least one per item) with a link to authorised sites. Article length should be a minimum of 1800 words.
Tip: You don’t need to post any video or images along with your article

When you are submitting an article to ListVerse, you need to declare that your article is original and not be featured by someone before. The article should be in a format where you have to provide an introductory as well as concluding paragraph, otherwise, there is a chance of rejection.

When your post is reviewed by the editorial team and accepted for publication then you will get an offer of $100 per article. PayPal is a very important platform to accept income from this company.

  • If you write an article on famous topics like History, Facts, Secrets, Misconceptions or Dark side of human being etc then you get more chance of getting popular.
  • Try to post an article according to the age of the viewers because most of the viewers are aged between 18 years to 34 years. So, keep this mind.


Most of the readers are looking for a creative and highly entertaining content that’s why they spend more time on Cracked. This site is one of the oldest and popular for lifestyle niche articles.

It gives an opportunity to freelancers who are creative and know the taste of the users. It doesn’t require any qualification or experience of the article writers, as a writer you need to be loyal as this site is the highly engaging site known for its content.

Things to Remember:
If you want to earn money from Cracked then you need to do the registration process in a step by step manner.

Initially, start with writing an article based on your creativity that works on cracked to submit in this platform. Your post or pitches will verify daily by the editorial team of cracked to choose the better one.

Once your article is approved after discussion by the editorial team, they will arrange a meeting with you to suggest some revision. Afterwards, they will decide that your article will work or not.

If they like your article, they will ask for the final draft and you have to complete it into two weeks time allotted by them. Generally, it takes six weeks to publish the post after submitting by the writer.

Once you are submitted the article then you will get $150 for list articles and $100 for single entry article.

  • As per cracked article should be in between 2000 to 3000 words.
  • Please mention all the source of your article. Don’t post personal blogs, forum or product press release page link.
  • Don’t give references in your articles like 4 years back, etc.
  • You must write a marvellous introduction to your article.

5. Constant-Content

Constant-Content is one of the oldest and reputed sites in the article writing field. If you want to make money by work at home then it is a good source.

There are two ways that site gives an opportunity for registered writers that either you can submit your article through site’s online catalogue where you can find hundreds of clients for your suitable match or you can customize the content as per customer’s requirement.

What do you need to do?

As we all know that the first thing is to register yourself on this platform. So you can fill your basic details along with your qualification and experience.

At the time of the registration process, a quiz is conducted for writers where five questions would be asked to check your grammar, correct usage of words and your content creation skills. For qualifying this quiz, you need to answer 4 questions correctly.

After qualifying the quiz, you have to submit a sample article on a random topic given by the site. But you can request a different article if you are not comfortable with the topic suggested by the site.

Most of the time site takes at-least 5 days to respond to your article after submission. Once your articles get selected then link your PayPal account with your profile.

The rate pay awarded in the range of $10 to $15 per article as it is evaluated by the user’s experience.

  • Write a lucrative intro to your article
  • The article contains at least 6000 words.
  • Focus more on the grammatical correctness.

6. Make A Living Writing

Coral Tice is the founder of The Make a Living Writing website. Her mission is to help freelancers to get started in article writing business and become well-paid to live the lifestyle of their dreams.

Make a Living Writing is one of the best content writing sites that pay a good amount of money to the writers.

Topics include in this how-to:
  • Earn from blogging.
  • Self Publish E-Books
  • Social Media
  • Marketing success stories
  • Writing Craft, etc.

After the registration process, send her your idea and if gets selected mail your final submission because she believes that if the blog is written for the owner, then the guest bloggers must be paid too.
She pays $75 for short blogs and $150 for the depth posts.

7.Free Lance Writing:-

Freelance Writing is the most trustable source for article writers established in 1997.

Here you can find various job opportunities for content and blog writers.

You don’t have to register yourself as a writer. Just go to their page in the job section and apply filter according to your skills.

You can see the latest jobs by various brands. There you can apply for the jobs as per your requirements.
It will redirect to the online jobs platform: Indeed or any other client’s website. There you can read the whole profile and they will give you remuneration according to the job.

Payment: It can be $300-$450 per weekor$0.6 per word depending upon your quality content and the brand which give you work.

8.Text Broker:-

This is another platform where you can find more than 15 languages such as English(UK & U.S), German, French, Polish, etc.

But the article writer should be formed (U.S or Poland) because the target audience will be delivered only to these countries.

After the registration process, you need to submit the sample for reviewing purpose. The editorial team scale your ratings between 2 to 5 stars depending upon the quality of the sample.

More your articles get a higher rating than more you are getting higher payment. Payment will directly be transferred to your PayPal account.


Fiverr is a leading freelancing platform where you can numerous category. Choose what suits you best according to your skills. Learn how to register on Fiverr and If you Zero skills still you can make money through it. 


iWriter gives you the power to make your own database. So you can give them weekly updates to remind them for a new article.

By spending less amount of time and efforts consistently you can still earn money.

You can also choose the topics that best match your background or even you can offer a customisation deal.
Payment: You can earn up to $80 Per 500 words once you are promoted up the ranks.


If you have really wanted some serious money through article writing then the above sites are enough to make your dreams true. But, always remember one thing the more you practice the better you can perform.

If you are not able to provide them with a quality content then these incredible sites will reject your article.
But one thing you can do if you are mediocre in article writing then you can download the free version of Grammarly extension from Google Play store or else you can directly visit because it is one the best site in 2021 which can correct and improve your content.

Trust me, if you command your language and grammar then you can really make some good numbers in terms of money.

Freelance writing or article writing platforms will become the next best online job platforms in the coming years. So don’t waste your precious time because it takes time to become a master in skill.
If you need any further assistance you can email us.

Top 10 Article Writing Jobs in 2021
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Top 10 Article Writing Jobs in 2021
Article writing is a great source of income nowadays. Here, we are giving top10 sites which pay real money by writing an article for their company.
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